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Bio Fair Trade is a company that operates in several segments. Whether within or outside Brazil, our work in the marketing of handmade products has benefited producers from north to south of the country for 10 years, having sold more than one million pieces, generating about R$ 5 million in direct income for more than 3 thousand artisans and their families.


Through Bio Fair Trade, many artisans are proud to see their products being sold in stores overseas, in countries such as France, the Netherlands, Germany, among others.

By participating in international trade fairs, we present the work of these groups to retail buyers from around the world. More than 600,000 pieces have already been exported.

We are a true bridge between producer and external buyer. Our work goes from the contact with the artisan for samples production, to the final process of sending the products to international clients. Craftsmen and buyers can rest assured about the safety and quality of the orders, as everything is done with ethics, responsibility, transparency and accountability.

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National Retail

We are here to facilitate communication between producer and buyer. Tok & Stock and Ferreira Costa stores are some examples of our domestic retail partners. Our design team deals directly with craftsmen and companies to develop products according to the demands of the market. All orders also go through our quality control before being delivered to the customer, everything always within the expected time.

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Corporate Gifts

Companies can give their employees and customers fair trade gifts. We develop personalized gifts for all occasions and dates. We already have a selection of products with which we work, but we are also here to think along with you and do something unique and special. Some of our clients are: British Country Club, Summerville Beach Resort, Caixa Econômica Federal, among others.

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Vila Mundo E-commerce

Many products of the groups supported by Bio Fair Trade can also be found in our online store: Vila Mundo. This is another way to promote fair trade and the work of artisans from all over Brazil.

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Consultancy Services


We manage commercialization projects in stores, fairs and malls. Since 2013, we have participated in the editions of FENEARTE (National Handicraft Business Fair), managing stands, such as the Top100 SEBRAE Prize, Brasil Original and SEBRAE Craft Warehouse. Currently we also manage the store of CRAB (SEBRAE Reference Center for Brazilian Crafts) in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Our design professionals are able to assist artisans in the design of their products, including not only aesthetic issues, but also process optimization and use of materials.

We are the first and only Brazilian company with this worldwide certification. This label allows consumers to identify handcrafted products and foods that meet stringent economic, social and environmental criteria.

We have already conducted various training and workshops for artisans so that they can better manage their productions, correctly calculate the price of their products and make fair negotiations.

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